FemTouch laser for improved vaginal health! The Lumenis FemTouch is an out-patient, minimally invasive, non-surgical, non-hormonal treatment for treating and improving vaginal health.

Learn from the experience of FemTouch leading physicians

Physicians shares their experience treating patients with the FemTouch that addresses common Women’s health related issues

“Significant improvement in quality of life”

“It’s an home run – something I haven’t seen since Botox”

“High patient satisfaction”

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“Not only is the procedure fast and relatively painless, but it also has yielded such phenomenal results in terms of efficacy and patient satisfaction that I stand confident recommending it to my patients..." Read More

Monika G. Kiripolsky, MD, FAAD, FAACS
Board-Certified Dermatologist
Fellowship-Trained Cosmetic & Laser Surgeon

“Fractional CO2 vaginal laser treatment with FemTouch Laser was well tolerated and improved vaginal symptoms and quality of life in women after 3 monthly treatments. Further studies to characterize symptom benefit and long term outcomes are underway to further evaluate this minimally invasive treatment."

Jamie Bartley, DO. Beaumont Urology, Detroit MI

"I believe this state of the art, minimally invasive outpatient procedure could be life changing".

Miss Smita Rajshekhar, obstetrician and gynecologist , UK

"I am delighted with the addition of FemTouch to my cosmetic surgery and regenerative medicine practice. Having relied on surgical anterior and posterior repairs in the past, I can now treat with FemTouch common Women’s health related conditions. I like having the confidence that Lumenis is at the forefront in developing and refining this technology and is very responsive to the needs of the end user."

David N. Michelson, MD, President American
Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery
Oxnard, CA

"So little effort for such a positive patient response.  My menopause patients are so thankful for helping them. One patient said she felt 19 again!"

Dr. Scott Evan Eder, Gynecologist

“The FemTouch treatment is fast and comfortable.
This is the future of Women’s health.”

Dr. Massimiliano. Marziali, Gynecologist

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After heavily scrutinizing details of research studies supporting the science behind various vaginal health energy based devices currently on the market and subsequently personally administering the most promising of these devices, I can say without any hesitation that the FemTouch has been an absolute "home run". Not only is the procedure fast and relatively painless, but it also has yielded such phenomenal results in terms of efficacy and patient satisfaction that I stand confident recommending it to my patients.


There are quite a few women approaching and/or having reached menopause who have suffered through painful intercourse due to dryness. The improvement in these conditions following FemTouch treatments has been so profound that I have had several patients describe their results as "life-changing". They have found a renewed level of confidence and enjoyment in activities that they once came to dread.


I never thought I'd one day be performing vaginal laser procedures. However, upon realizing the prevalence of these conditions - and, thus the demand for this type procedure, as well as experiencing the ease of operability, the legitimate efficacy of this particular device, and the genuine appreciation reflecting in my patients' eyes when they return for follow-up, I am beyond proud and excited to be able to offer this procedure to my patients. I even had a patient's husband come in to personally thank me for reigniting the intimacy that has been missing in their marriage for years.

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