FemTouch laser for improved vaginal health! The Lumenis FemTouch is an out-patient, minimally invasive, non-surgical, non-hormonal treatment for treating and improving vaginal health.






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“该手术不仅速度快且相对无痛,而且其疗效好且患者满意度高。我有信心将其推荐给我的患者……” 阅读更多

Monika G. Kiripolsky医学博士,FAAD, FAACS


Jamie Bartley, DO. Beaumont 泌尿科,底特律,密歇根州


Miss Smita Rajshekhar, 妇产科医生,英国

“我很高兴将FemTouch添加到我的整容外科手术和再生医学实践中。过去一直依赖外科手术修复前部和后部,现在我可通过FemTouch 治疗常见女性健康相关疾病。我坚信Lumenis处于开发和改进此技术的最前沿且非常适应最终用户需求。”

David N. Michelson,医学博士,


Dr. Scott Evan Eder,妇科医生


Dr. Massimiliano. Marziali, 妇科医生

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After heavily scrutinizing details of research studies supporting the science behind various vaginal health energy based devices currently on the market and subsequently personally administering the most promising of these devices, I can say without any hesitation that the FemTouch has been an absolute "home run". Not only is the procedure fast and relatively painless, but it also has yielded such phenomenal results in terms of efficacy and patient satisfaction that I stand confident recommending it to my patients.


There are quite a few women approaching and/or having reached menopause who have suffered through painful intercourse due to dryness. The improvement in these conditions following FemTouch treatments has been so profound that I have had several patients describe their results as "life-changing". They have found a renewed level of confidence and enjoyment in activities that they once came to dread.


I never thought I'd one day be performing vaginal laser procedures. However, upon realizing the prevalence of these conditions - and, thus the demand for this type procedure, as well as experiencing the ease of operability, the legitimate efficacy of this particular device, and the genuine appreciation reflecting in my patients' eyes when they return for follow-up, I am beyond proud and excited to be able to offer this procedure to my patients. I even had a patient's husband come in to personally thank me for reigniting the intimacy that has been missing in their marriage for years.

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