FemTouch laser for improved vaginal health! The Lumenis FemTouch is an out-patient, minimally invasive, non-surgical, non-hormonal treatment for treating and improving vaginal health.

About FemTouch™

FemTouch™ is an innovative state-of-the-art CO₂ vaginal laser technology that addresses common feminine health related conditions and promotes the stimulation of new vaginal tissue. Lumenis® FemTouch™ uses a third generation fractional CO₂ laser technology that results in very gentle controlled vaporization and coagulation of the vaginal lining.

FemTouch™ comes together with the AcuPulse™, a powerful and versatile CO2 laser platform which is available in different configurations. AcuPulse™ family of lasers extends your performance capabilities to treat a broader set of clinical applications, as well as more patients, in both the Aesthetic and Gynecology segments.

Developed By Lumenis®, The Leader in Laser Medical Devices.

FemTouch™ was developed by Lumenis®, the leader in aesthetic medical laser devices in collaboration with leading gynecologists. These mutual efforts created a vaginal laser treatment driven by women and practitioner needs.

With over 35 years of gynecology experience, and a 50-year legacy in laser technology, Lumenis is a global leader in the field of minimally-invasive clinical solutions for the Surgical, Ophthalmology and Aesthetic markets and is a world-renowned expert in developing and commercializing innovative energy-based technologies, including Laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). Radio-Frequency (RF) and Ultrasound.

How Does FemTouch™ Work?

FemTouch™ is a fast, efficient and simple procedure, which only takes a couple of minutes. Generally, the FemTouch™ procedure requires 2-4 out-patient treatment sessions lasting a few minutes each, in order to provide optimal results and achieve the desired outcome of vaginal tissue.

A sterilized applicator is inserted into the vulva and is moved along the vaginal canal in an outward motion, applying the laser in a 360˚ pattern to the vaginal tissues. This pattern ensures that the entire vaginal area is covered. FemTouch™ is the latest in non-invasive, painless laser vaginal procedures.

During the FemTouch™ treatment the patient might experience a minor heat sensation, yet it is important to understand that FemTouch™ is an extremely gentle and comfortable procedure.

Clinical Evidence

The energy level of 7.5 - 12.5mJ utilized with FemTouch™, ensures the desirable penetration depth is achieved while the fibromuscular layer at 600μm depth remains intact.

Clinical evaluations show that women who have started treatment with FemTouch™ have noticed an improvement after just 1-2 treatment sessions.

How will FemTouch™ Benefit Your Patients?

The CO2  vaginal laser treatment promotes restoration of the physiology of the vaginal canal to a premenopausal-like stage and to the reduction of the vulvo-vaginal ageing.

The FemTouch™ treatment is fast, comfortable, efficient and simple. No anesthesia or special post treatment care are required and there is no social downtime.

Benefits To Your Practice

FemTouch™  is a comfortable and convenient treatment that can be done even during a lunchtime break. Optimal outcomes are provided after just 2-4 short treatments.

As part of the versatile AcuPulse™ laser system, FemTouch™ is the only CO2 laser that offers advanced precision enabling better results compared to other CO2 lasers.

The powerful and versatile CO₂ laser platform, which is also available in different configurations, allows the physicians to offer a wider range of personalized solutions to better fit their patient’s individual needs.

The AcuPulse™ product line produces new opportunities to many other gynecological and aesthetic treatments that will benefit your practice and your patients.

Real People, Real Stories

“The FemTouch treatment is fast and safe.
This is the future of Women’s health.”

Dr. Massimiliano. Marziali, Gynecologist

"So little effort for such a positive patient response.
My menopause patients are so thankful for helping to restore their sex lives and relieve their vaginal dryness.  One patient said she felt 19 again!"

Dr. Scott Evan Eder, Gynecologist


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